Hypoxi Before and After

[trumpet fanfare] I’ve just received my before and after photos from Hypoxi, and … well…wow!  In just 12 hours of Hypoxi training, I’ve lost around 40cm between my waist and knees, and boy, can you see it!

To show you just what I mean, here’s my back ‘after’ photo with an outline of my ‘before’ photo overlaid:

Measurements: original > session 6 > session 12

83.5 > 79.5   > 77.9
96.9 > 92.6 > 87.8         +/- 9cm
100.6 > 99.4  > 94.7      +/-6cm
103.8 > 101.8 >  101.2
101.5 > 101.5 >  97.5
Relaxed Leg
59.6 > 58.6>  55.5
Contracted Leg
62.8 > 60.2 > 56.6
38.8 >   37.4 >  37.4
Total cm loss:  I’m calling that 40cm [38.9cm and a little over a kilogram of weight]
Looking at those measurements, I’ve officially dropped at least one ‘dress size’. What that means in practice is not so much that I need to go and buy a whole new set of clothes, but simply that the clothes I’ve been wearing all along just fit so much better. My skirts seem longer because the waist is sitting lower, the legs of my jeans are more comfortable, and so on.
Would I recommend Hypoxi for weight-loss and toning? Absolutely! I cannot fault the process, nor the results. The hardest thing has been setting aside the time to go do it – squeezing three one hour sessions into each week has been a challenge! [And, it IS possible to skip the “Michelin man suit” massage and just do the trainer, in half the time]. Ultimately, to put it into perspective – I could have spent that much time and/or cash at the gym, and not have acheived anywhere near as dramatic results. It’s not just the centimetres, either. My skin tone is soooo much better, and I’m feeling confident wearing above the knee skirts and shorts for the first time in ages. My core strength has improved, my posture’s better, and my uh, digestive system is working extraordinarily well.
But don’t take my word for it. Check out the photos, make your own judgement, and try it for yourself!

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Still need convincing? I have five $50 discount vouchers – if you ask me,I’ll give you one!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 02:11:43

    Wow I think I read your first post about this and was a bit skeptical But wow!!! Can I have a voucher please 😀


  2. Amy
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 06:16:02

    [address redacted for privacy]


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