Hypoxi Update

I posted earlier that I’m trialling Hypoxi to see how their claims of fast fat reduction and bodyshaping stack up in real life. I’m amazed to see how many people are following my progress, and awed to know how many people have rocked up for their first [free] session, even before the after photos are up!

I’m halfway through a 12 session program, and here’s what’s happened so far:

My program is one hour of Hypoxi, three times a week, with the only real diet recommendation being a 4 hour no-carbs window after sessions. I’m not on any specific diet, and though I’m working on cutting out the junk carbs [biscuits and chips between meals] I’m still eating spuds at dinner, and cereal at breakfast. I’m feeling very hungry at mealtimes, and, since I lack any kind of self-discipline in this regard, I’m eating much more. Luckily it’s getting on for Summer, so I’m making massive salads to go with my normal dinners.

Having said all that, the night before my halfway weigh and measure, I still made myself a plate of peanut butter toast before going off to bed… Long story short, I’m really not on anything remotely resembling a diet or eating plan.

It’s all a bit easy – pull on the Michelin man suit, and read or chat or watch telly for half an hour, then switch to the trainer, where I read or watch telly [I’m not supposed to chat, because it artificially raises your heart rate, and the machine thinks you’re tired and slacks off, or something!] while my legs go round and round inside the vacuum. I’ve not yet felt particularly like I’m exercising – a gym work out this definitely is not! But I AM feeling the after effects, particularly through my butt and thighs, on my off days, and I can feel my belly muscles coming back online, which is all awesome.

But what we all really want to know is: Is there any measurable change?

Really? After three hours of passive massage, and another  three hours of low resistance cycling? What on earth would you be expecting? Well… I wasn’t expecting this!

My weight has dropped by almost 1 KG. [In spite of my excellent eating plan. I wonder what would have happened if I’d actually, like, put some effort in there!?!]  My measurements [details below so you can check my math] have changed a lot – I’ve dropped 4cm in my waist, 4.3 cm around my belly, just on a centimetre from my hips and thighs, and my personal favourite, 1.4cm from my chubby little knees. Total cm loss across my waist to knee measurements 16.5 cm.

I got Nicola to set the tape to my original belly measurements, and discovered that 4.3 cm is enough room to comfortably slip a thumb in on either side! Based on what I’ve learned fitting bridal gowns, that’s already a half dress size – not enough to start buying the next size down, but certainly enough that my current size is fitting better.

No photos this time – we’re saving that for the big reveal, but I’ve already been wearing above the knee skirts and fitted waist tops, and while there’s not a ‘massively obvious to the rest of the world’ difference, I’m really, really happy with the results so far.  It’s my understanding that this cm loss is due to fat shifting and new muscle/skin tone, and not just fluid loss, and that the results will be definitely long lasting. I’m already plotting to come back and remeasure 10 days after my final session to test this out, too.

Intrigued enough to want to try it? You absolutely should!

I’m not sure how it works in the rest of the country, but in Nelson, Nicola will gladly show you around and offer you a free trial session, so you can get the feel of the ‘workout’ before you sign up. During October and November, if you buy a 12 session pack, you’ll get an additional 3 sessions free, plus another three free sessions if you refer a friend who also signs up for 12 – that’s a whopping 18 sessions for the price of 12.

If Ang’s Patented Lazy Hypoxi Method just seems too easy, try the summer body blitz pack  – 12 Hypoxi sessions, PLUS 8 group Personal Training sessions [$499 for 4 weeks – I make that only $25/session!]

The body blitz starts Nov. 12th, and places are limited, so book now! Hypoxi sessions by appointment Mon/Wed/Fri and group personal training 6.30 am Tues/Thurs with certified trainer Amber Tate at the Botanical Gardens.

Go on, give Nicola a call on 546 8126, or message her on Facebook and at least try it out!


Actual measurements:
Waist 83.5- 79.5  Stomach 96.9- 92.6 Hips 100.6- 99.4 Bottom 103.8- 101.8 Legs 101.5- 101.5 Relaxed Leg 59.6- 58.6 Contracted Leg 62.8- 60.2 Knee 38.8- 37.4 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lee
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 03:34:29

    Hi there, Im going for a trial session of Hypoxi today, but still not sure, I also work out daily, but thought I could do it before my Hypoxi. Not sure really why you should not work out afterwards though. You had fantastic results, well done


  2. weddingwhisperer
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 03:41:28

    My understanding is that Hypoxi stimulates blood flow to the lower extremities, and regular exercise draws it back again, so exercising afterwards kind of defeats the whole vaccum thing?
    I went for my session 12 measure and photos today, really pleased with the result, just waiting for the pics to come through then I’ll post them!


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