Introducing the new Mrs Groom’sLastName

Changing your name after you’re married is relatively straight-forward. Pretty much, you can just start using your new, married name. You don’t even have to decide straight away, and you’ll use your maiden name on the marriage licence, so don’t panic about practising your new signature!

Once you’ve made your decision [and definitely AFTER the wedding has taken place, t here is a huge list of things and places you should consider updating or informing. To make things easier, get a handful of notarised copies of your marriage certificate, and keep them in the glovebox of your car, or somewhere equally handy that you can forget they’re there, until the moment that you need them!

Things to update:

{It’s generally over to you whether you do all of these in one hit, or wait until just before they’re due for renewal anyway}

Driver’s Licence [if you use this for your main ID, it’s worth getting it updated immediately, even though it will incur an extra cost, you’ll save a lot of hassle if the name on your ID is the same as the name you’re using]

Passport [make sure that the name on the passport is the same name you use to book your tickets]

Credit/EftPos Cards and banking information, mortgage or lease documents

Misc insurance policies, wills, and other legal documentation

Current employer/payroll records [and update your CV]

Your marriage licence will have come with a postcard to update the electoral roll registration info, make sure you send it back!

Send a ‘change of address’ card to the post office with your new name details

A couple of things it’s easy to overlook:

Do you have an automatic email signature? Business cards? ID Badge? Printed address labels

You don’t desperately need to, but to be thorough:

Change the name/s on your utilities – power, phone, etc

Gym, library, or other memberships

And of course, don’t forget to update your Facebook/Google+ etc!


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