Massive Gown Sale [pass it on!]

A week or so ago, one of the racks literally fell off the wall under the weight of too many gowns. [It was actually pretty funny: – very gracefully and in slow motion, the pole buckled, the gowns started to slide, and then the whole thing bent out in odd directions – gowns and hangers everywhere].

I MacGyvered it back onto the wall, better than before, and had a good hard look at what was hanging there. I’ve ruthlessly purged the racks, for an ‘off the rack’ sale.While I have NO desire to recreate a Running of the Brides, I’m determined to move these dresses –  I know there are new gowns due for the coming season which are going to have to hang SOMEwhere! The new rack is stronger, but I’m really not sure about the wall it’s bolted to.

I’ve spent most of this week sorting and re-pricing gowns. As I left this afternoon,  I did a quick count up, and there are over 50 gowns on  the sale rack, most still ‘brand new with tags’, all massively marked down. No wonder it took so long!

The majority of the gowns are sample gowns from lines which are now discontinued.  There are some left-overs of cancelled orders or duplicates from before my time, and a few are second-hand. All of them are in excellent condition, and priced to sell, many at over 50% off the recommended retail price.

Even better, there’s an impressive variation of styles and sizes, from size 8 to 18, genuine vintage lace through to 2011/12 styles. At these prices, it’s a case of ‘first in, best dressed’ for sure!

Gowns can be viewed anytime The Store is open, fittings are by appointment only – see you there!



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