How NOT to sabotage your own wedding…

[shamelessly adapted from something I saw on Pinterest]

1.  Never compare your wedding to anyone else’s. Especially if that someone else is a celebrity, or a fictional character.
2. Know that your friends and family are biased. Whether for or against your plans, their opinions and advice will be skewed by their own idea and expectations. Take what is useful to you, and move on.
3. Measure your success on how accurately your wedding day reflects your relationship, and honours your connections with your wider network of family and friends. Your guests will remember how they feel at your ceremony much more than how the venue is decorated, or which dessert you serve.
4. Dream big, but keep the fantasy grounded in reality. You simply don’t have unlimited time, money, or energy. Decide what are the most important components of your wedding day, and spend your resources bringing them to the fore. Don’t fight your budget constraints, work within them. It’s good practice for the rest of your life, if nothing else!
5. Know that success can never be measured in dollars. The things that you and your guests will treasure most are seldom things that can be bought with cold hard cash.
6. Trust that when you are building connections between the people you care most about, there is always enough. Compromise is not giving in if it honours the relationships you value.
7. Remember, this is actually not the best day of your life. It’s one of the really good ones, but not more important than each of the days of married life which will follow. Spend as much time working on those days as on your wedding day. Don’t throw away tomorrow in pursuit of one perfect day.
8. Don’t expect everyone to understand and applaud your choices. Do your best to educate them about the decisions you’re making and the reasons for them, but don’t expect wholehearted approval for every thing you have planned.
9. Whenever an aunt or neighbor or best friend offers their advice, listen, smile and nod. Then go and create your celebration authentically.
10. Be careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. The greater the emphasis on perfection, the less likely you are to achieve it. Aim for excellence, and be confident that you willget there.


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