The Wedding Whisperer on Pinterest

If you haven’t yet discovered Pinterest, let me take you by the hand and show you around!

Over here is where you can see my Pinterest boards, full of images and ideas I’ve found all around the internet, collected into one place. Categorising them into ‘boards’ means I can group that random stuff in meaningful ways – If you look at the board named “Refit Inspiration and Dreaming”, you’ll see why I love it so very much.

We’re in the process of refitting The Corner Store [more about that as it happens, watch this space!] and this Pinterest board has provided a great way to pull together all the different ideas I’ve had, whether that’s been things I already have to work with, images I’ve gone googling for, or even bits and pieces I’ve found on other people’s Pinboards.

After a quick glance over that board, I bet you’re already figuring out that Pinterest has such great potential as a wedding theme board tool, idea repository, and source for ideas.

The most-best thing about it is, not only can you grab the image that inspires you, you also get the link from whichever site you found it at – no more re-googling for that thing you can only half remember. Suddenly all those DIY options can be assessed side by side, the idea you loved six months ago keeping as current as the latest hot trend. Add the Pinterest mobile app, and you have a themeboard you can fit into your pocket. Add SnapBucket to Pinterest, you can even store images of real life things you spot on your wedding planning recce – a photo of your guy in his suit and tie to match colours with the florist, a quick shot of the table setting, or seating arrangements, now easily compared to the magazine images online.

I reckon you could even create your gift registry wish list, with images of things you like so that guests can match your style, but still choose the gift, and where they buy it from!

Get yourself on board, and then come back and show me what you’re dreaming about!

Happy pinning,


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