Relay for Life Nelson 2012

Excuse me a moment while I blow my own horn:

Among the awesome things that happened at Relay for Life, Nelson this year, [which there were many – over 100 teams participating, more than $8k raised before the event even began, to name just a couple!] The Wedding Whisperer sponsored and decorated some of the portaloos.

I wonder if you can spot which ones were ours?

I’m delighted to report that we won the People’s Choice Award for best decoration, and bemused to note that, for most of the event, there were queues to use our loos, even though there were perfectly adequate, vacant portaloos on either side!

I am not exaggerating when I say that people were texting me from the loo to say things like “Wow, great loo, thanx” [my cellphone number was on the rack cards!].

So a quick shoutout to the people who helped make me look good:

a Huge thankyou to

The Wedding Kit for the marquee, chairs, muscles and enthusiasm


Flossie the Balloon Lady for the balloon archway and flower balloons on the loos


Occasional Monarchy  for live butterflies

Not forgetting Driftwood Motel, Tahunanui; Sandra Johnson, Boutique Photography;Sara-Lee Dabinette at Earthbloom Flowerstore; Jenny Walton of The Nelson Wedding Show; and Catherine Anderson, Beautiful Brides of Hope

Thanks so much!


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