Happily Ever After: Ask me about my partner

So you think you know each other pretty well, huh? You reckon?

Here’s a quick, fun quiz, to see just how much you really do know. You should each answer the questions separately, and then compare answers. Don’t be too focused on the ones you get wrong, except to use them as a prompt for conversation about what you each like and dislike.  After all, knowledge of cold facts isn’t enough to measure success in a relationship. [A stalker could know everything about you, but never touch your heart] Don’t get distracted by making a shopping list of preferences, likes and dislikes, but instead, make sure you are paying attention to your partner and keeping current with what drives them forward, or drives them crazy.

pencils ready?

1. If your partner is sitting in front of the TV, what’s most likely on the screen?
2. You’re out to eat; what kind of veg or salad do they order on the side?
3. What’s one food they don’t like?
4. You go out to have a drink. What do they order?
5. Where did your partner go to high school?
6. What size shoe do they wear?
7. If your partner were to collect anything, what would it be?
8. What is their favourite perfume/cologne?
9. What would your partner happily eat every day if they could?
10. What is their favourite cereal?
11. What would your partner never wear?
12. What is their favourite sports team(s)?
13. Which political party did they vote for?
14. Who is your partner’s best friend [not counting you]?
15. What is your partner’s favourite type of burger?
16. What is something you do that your partner wishes you wouldn’t do?
17.  What is their favourite brand of cosmetics/skin care?
18. You bake your partner’s favourite cake for their birthday; what kind is it?
19. Did they play sports in high school?
20. What could your partner happily spend hours doing?
21. What is one unique talent they have?
22. What is one thing you love about your partner?
23. What is their greatest strength?
24. What is the biggest challenge your partner is facing right now?
25. Write one word to describe your partner.

All the best for many years of ‘happily ever after’


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