Trash the Dress Comp Winner: The Hunter Rocks Her Frock

Remember the Trash the Dress photoshoot competition we ran a month or so back?

[For anyone who missed it, brides were invited to submit their ideas for a Trash the Dress Photoshoot , with the prize being to win that photoshoot, with Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography]

The winning entry came from a bride who had the idea of photos wearing her gown, doing something that she really loves: Hunting. Yes, that’s right, she wanted to wear her wedding gown while hiking into the bush, shooting an animal and carrying it out of the bush, even gutting and dressing the meat. Yes, all that, wearing her wedding gown.

She was sure that we would never pick her entry, because, on the surface, it’s kinda gross. What Sandra and I loved about it, though, was that it’s genuinely something that’s part of her life, a passion that she shares with her husband, and, while it will, indeed trash her dress in the truest sense of the words, it’s not simply wrecking it for the sake of it.

We were hoping to even convince the groom to climb back into his suit jacket [and old boots and shorts] for a totally new take on the formal bridal portrait series. Then we discovered that her groom is willing, but [redacted for privacy] unavailable until later in the year, so those photos will have to wait, for now.

In the meanwhile, Sandra and Renelle headed out into the local countryside for a bit of a test run – and having seen these images, I cannot wait for the ‘real’ photoshoot.

Take a peek:

>More here<

Congratulations, Renelle, you really do rock that beautiful frock!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Renelle Britt-Foy
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 04:16:06

    Hey….I want to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to do this…I had a fantastic time with Sandra on Monday…she is a very talented photographer as you can see by the images… and ohhhh so easy to work with…Im so over the moon with the images she captured…its not very often i can say this…but i look stunning!!!! I cant wait for Hubby to get home so we can get on with the hunt and really rock my frock!!!
    Once again thank you Wedding Whisperer…Sandra Johnson Boutique Photography and Classic Hits for picking me to Rock my Frock 🙂


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