Bigger and Better: The Wedding Whisperer – now in Motueka, too!

[false modesty: you’re doing it wrong….] You know how The Wedding Whisperer is about as awesome as it’s possible for one person to be? well…

I’m delighted to introduce Terri Everett, Nelson’s newest Wedding Whisperer!

Terri  and her husband Jim have been living and working along the Abel Tasman coast with their Sea Limousine service, offering exclusive water taxi and cruise services for families and small groups. From that foundation, Terri will be specialising in weddings and events in and around the Abel Tasman National Park – her extensive network and experience of many local professional services in and around the area, as well as everyday knowledge of the pleasures and pitfalls of planning an event in the outdoors will be a great asset to our team!

In much the same way that I excell in the more traditional wedding setup, Terri has already forgotten more than I will ever know about the logistics and unique challenges of arranging a wedding in a remote location – from practicalities such as ‘where is the nearest clean toilet’ through to necessities, such as ensuring the appropriate concessions are obtained from The Department of Conservation.

Terri brings a wealth of local knowledge and a 100% commitment to building your event to match your dreams in the real world. It’s so often the little things that make the difference, the attention to detail which makes the whole come together so well – clean towels and soap on hand after using the long drop, coffee in real cups, that sort of thing, and that’s the sort of thing that comes automatically for Terri.

It’s fantastic to have another resident expert on call, and our different skills and experience mean that together The Wedding Whisperer is twice as awesome as before!

For brides-and-grooms to-be living in Tasman, there’s now an alternative to hiking all the way into Nelson to get fresh inspiration, information and advice – The Wedding Whisperer on High Street is a beautiful showroom tucked away in the Arcade – the perfect spot to curl up with a coffee and a catalogue and start planning your ceremony.

Please do pop in and introduce yourself to Terri, or send her an email:


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