Before the Ball Drops on 2010

While you’re sitting around groaning in the aftermath of  seasonal excess – why not spend some time reviewing the year and planning for 2011 It’s kind of neat to sit down together to chat through some of these questions, even if you don’t formally worth though the list – I’m always surprised at what I don’t know about the people I spend so much time with!

Looking back – find your top five for 2010:

HIGHLIGHTS: 5 things you’re really proud of, or that stand out in your memory

REGRETS: 5 things  you wish you had done differently, or would wish to change

LESSONS: 5 things you learned from experience, or skills and knowledge you sought out

Looking forward, the top five for 2011:

FUN: 5 things you’d like to do, learn, attempt, just for the fun of it

CHALLENGE: 5 things you’d like to achieve

MONEY: 5 things you’d like to spend some money on or save towards

PERSONAL: 5 personal traits or habits you’d like to work on


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