The Wedding Kit = simple ceremony set up!

I love discovering new products and services. I particularly like it when I find someone doing something new, with excellence and enthusiasm.
The Wedding Kit definitely falls into both those categories, and it’s definitely worth a look for your outdoor ceremony set up, whether you’re planning a casual and informal wedding or a traditional, elegant event.

The thing I love most about The Wedding Kit is that it takes away a whole string of hassle for couples planning their ceremony in a non-traditional venue: You’re not really having a simple, no fuss wedding at the beach or in the backyard if you still spend the morning driving around picking up chairs and setting them out and getting them packed up again afterwards ….

That’s where The Wedding Kit is such a perfect solution. Name your date, time and location, and all you have to do is turn up – they’ll set up [and later pack down] seating for up to 30, red aisle carpet, and a simple, elegant bamboo canopy, which together create a beautiful gathering point for your guests, with absolutely no running around or sweating required!

In my experience, seating for 30 guests is the right number, no matter how many more guests you have actually invited: By seating elderly guests and immediate family in a few rows and inviting any remaining guests to gather around, you bring your guests closer to the action than they could ever be with more formal seating. In an outdoor environment, this is particularly useful, because it’s easier to make sure people can hear and see what’s happening, without resorting to elevated staging or microphones.

Even better,  priced at $550 including GST, The Wedding Kit is cheaper than most other hire options, even without delivery included.

And the very best part? The Wedding Kit team come back after the ceremony and pack it all away again, leaving you and your guests free to relax and enjoy the rest of the day without having to re-arrange chairs for later, or even delegating someone the task of getting them back to the hire venue by a set deadline.

Simple. Easy. Affordable. Elegant. I love it. And I’m sure you will too!


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