The MacWedding – an unbeatable combo?

From January next year, in Hong Kong, you can celebrate your wedding under the Golden Arches. Kind of cute. And totally fascinating when you realise that the reason they’re offering the MacWedding Deal is because of consumer demand!

I’m sure that if that’s what floats your boat, our local Macca’s would quite happily accommodate a wedding party in the restaurant. I’ve attended black tie events there before, so I’m sure they’d take a wedding in their stride. Having said that, I am wondering, what’s in it for the couple? Or for their guests, for that matter!

With the total venue hire at over $500 NZD, you’d have to be pretty serious hamburger fans to make it worth your while, though! For not a lot more, you can arrange exclusive use of a tasteful wedding venue – you know, ones with plates and silverware…

I’m all for creativity, and honouring your culture, and incorporating significant aspects of your everyday life into your ceremony, and I think it would be hilarious to gather up all your wedding guests and call in for a photo shoot on the way between the ceremony and reception venues [Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about nomming on something while waiting for the photos to finish and the party to get underway?!], but somehow this feels like it’s trying just a little bit too hard.

There’s such a fine line between quirky and outright odd, and it can be tricky to balance between capturing your character and doing something that makes your guests feel really awkward. Sometimes the difference is purely and simply context – for some of the weirdest weddings I’ve been involved in,  if you know the couple, their choices make perfect sense.

The secret is in the balance, in finding ways to honour your own wonderfully quirky relationship, and bringing your guests along with you, so that they are not left on the outside as spectators, but brought in, included, so that they come away with even better understanding of who you are and what makes your relationship tick.


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  1. Lynley Rutherford
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 01:52:12

    Haha, Love it! I remeber saying to Steve that we should have our reception at MacDonald’s, knowing full well that we would never do it 🙂


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