Red Letter Wedding Day

Happy Red Letter Day! Congratulations and best wishes to all the couples getting married today!

10.10.10. certainly will be an easy date to remember for future anniversary celebrations, but its popularity as a wedding date can’t only be mnemonics. So what’s in a number that makes it so popular?

I’m told that in the Chinese community three tens is considered ‘perfect in every respect’, which sounds like a good start to any endeavor, not least of all a marriage. Using astrology or numerology is a popular way to attempt to figure out the best time to take a risk. Getting the numbers right doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a winner every time, but you could increase your odds. Add a genuine committment to each other, and a willingness to work ‘for better or worse’ and you’ll be amazed at how lucky those numbers turn out to be!

My math-brain husband points out that  101010  in base two or binary equals 42 [in base 10] which is, of course, the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

I’m a bit more of a fluffy bunny, so I just nod and smile while he tells me this stuff. My statistical take on things tends to more anecdotal evidence that the number 10 seems to be the go-to number for all kinds of lists – most blog posts will list 10 of whatever item they’re discussing. A quick Google for ‘top 10’ returns almost 2 billion items, just searching within New Zealand. We do seem to like our number 10!

Whether this date is particularly lucky or unlucky remains to be seen. As far as I can tell, nothing hugely significant seems to have taken place during the year 1010, or even during the original year 10.

If you missed booking your event on this ‘auspicious’ date, there are at least two more Red Letter Days to come, where the day, month and year will all be the same – Next November, on a Friday, 11.11.11 and the following year, [though it’s a Wednesday] the 12.12.12, and don’t forget a Saturday in December this year – 12.11.10.

Who can tell whether they will be lucky wedding dates – although, if your spouse remembers your anniversary, year after year, maybe that’s a kind of luck, too.


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  1. weddingwhisperer
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 07:45:46

    Edit to add: can I go all English geek for a second, and be delighted that this post serendiptiously contains exactly 365 characters? No? Oh well then…


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