The Amazing Travelling Photobooth

And, on the topic of getting the photos you want… Check out The Amazing Travelling Photobooth:

Aint that something special?!

None of this “poseur faux photobooth that’s really your wedding photographer” stuff for these guys – it’s the full iconic photobooth experience, right down to the photo strips popping out the slot, ready for your guests to take home that night!

I love everything about The Amazing Travelling Photobooth –  the way they have created some kind of retro-steampunk thing [is that even possible?? ugh – it’s school holidays, and I can’t formulate a coherent sentence due to children eating my brain – can you tell?!] that isn’t just a quirky gimmick, but is part of the bones of the setup, right down to the smallest details. The photobooth is entertainment in it’s own right – fun for the people inside the booth, but also for the onlookers. It’s  intriguing, enticing, and you know that even Old  Aunt Maude who NEVER sits for photos will end up in the booth with a silly hat on before the end of the night! It genuinely is an amazing travelling photobooth, and I’m busy coming up with an event,  just so that I’ll  have a reason to have a photobooth in my backyard.

Dion and his team offer a fantastic service, which includes a brilliant guest book option where guests can take as many photos as they wish, stick their favourite shots into a beautiful album, add comments and best wishes, and Tah-Dah! create a stunning keepsake album that will have you smiling for years to come.

I heard a rumour that The Amazing Travelling Photobooth will be passing theough Nelson this Summer, and I highly recommend that you contact Dion and make plans to have The Amazing Photobooth stop by your wedding or event.



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