Raise your glass, if you please…

Or, raise your coffee cup, if you’re at work, like I am. Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. The Mister and I have officially been married for at least as long as I was ever single, and it’s a good, good thing.

A quick glance at the list of non-traditional anniversary gifts suggests that this year The Mister and I should be celebrating on an exotic beach somewhere. The reality is much more pragmatic – instead of blue skies and ocean beaches, we’re both at work, and tonight, though we will go out for dinner, [ETA: the Mister’s just phoned to say he’ll be working late because the other guy is sick], and we’ll plan to be home not too late for the babysitter. Of such is most of married life, I’ve found. There have been days of roses and chocolate and twinkling starlight, but there have been at least as many days of tears, stinky socks, and stormy skies.

I’d never claim to have a perfect marriage – after all,  50% of ours is me!  Our wedding vows were fairly traditional, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, made with no real comprehension of what those words might mean. And I’m grateful for that naivety – I don’t know that I’d have had the courage to make any wedding promises if I’d known some of what “the future so far” has held for us. There’s an old saying, “If the rough road gets you there and the smooth one doesn’t, which one are you going to take?”.  I can honestly say that, regardless of how rough the road has been in places, there’s nowhere else that I’d want to be right now than here.

Celebrating this anniversary is made bittersweet by the fact that one of my best friends was widowed this year, another has just moved out of her family home toward separation from her husband, and my magic wand got lost or broken decades ago. I wish I had a 4 step strategy for a guaranteed happy marriage, but in the end, I don’t even know how to explain how the girl he married has turned out to be the wife he still loves, and vice versa. I’m so glad those starry-eyed kids grew up to be us!

Whatever the future may hold for us both [and I’m still glad that I don’t know] I’m incredibly happy to be heading down the road towards it with the good man by my side. Wish us well!


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  1. Cat Grey
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 02:25:46

    What, no comments so far? That can’t be right.

    Congratulations, many happy returns, and may you find time for a romantic night as couple (with not-too-expensive babysitting). May the next nineteen years be just as good!


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