The Groom’s Countdown

Is it naive of me to think that the reason there aren’t many wedding planning checklists for grooms is because the wedding industry has finally realised that the bride AND the groom are both working on their wedding plans together?

I ‘d love to think so. The cynical part of me thinks it’s because grooms are so often overlooked, as if their opinions don’t matter for 90% of the planning process. Ugh. So, next on my list of things to do will be to write a swag of couple biased [and not solely bridal] wedding planning tools.

But in the meanwhile, here’s some of the important stuff a groom can be working on with his bride, towards planning their wedding:

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that, since you’re reading this, you have at least a little bit of interest in the process. This may come as a surprise to others who may be assuming that, since you’re ‘just the groom’  that you won’t.
Make it clear to your bride and to both of your families about how much [or little] involvement you intend to have in your wedding plans.  See this post for some of the conversations you should plan to have with your bride, before either of you start making any firm plans for your wedding day.

6 – 12 months before the wedding:

  • If she hasn’t already, you should pop ‘The Question’
  • Make plans for your parents to meet hers, if they haven’t already
  • Although it may seem too soon, you should make a start finding your Celebrant, photographer, video techs, caterer, and venue. In particular, try to be part of the interviews with your potential Celebrants and photographers – they’re going to be very present at your wedding, so it’s important that you feel comfortable working with them, even if you don’t particularly mind what their end product is like!
  • If you’re planning to have live entertainment, spend some time out and about listening to what’s on offer locally
  • Work on the guest list
  • Visit ceremony and reception venues and make reservations
  • Begin researching, daydreaming and talking with your bride about your honeymoon options

6-9  months before the wedding:

  • Choose your best man and groomsmen. Begin the process of arranging your wedding day attire. Whether you’re planning to hire or buy, you’ll have more options if you start sooner than later
  • Confirm bookings of photographer, video tech, musicians, DJ/entertainment etc
  • Research options & order wedding stationery: invitations, thankyou cards, menus etc

4-6 months before the wedding:

  • Finalise the guest list and send out invitations and RSVPs
  • Research accommodation options for out-of-town guests
  • Arrange transportation for the bridal party and for any out-of-town VIP guests
  • Attend any required marriage preparation classes
  • Book honeymoon. Check passports etc are up to date if required & gather all necessary travel documents

2-3 months before the wedding:

  • If you haven’t already, get those invitations in the mail!
  • Apply for your marriage licence
  • Make sure to take time out for each other in the midst of all the wedding preparations
  • Finalise details of groom & groomsmen’s attire
  • Choose your wedding rings
  • Confirm details of ceremony and reception music
  • Confirm and pay deposits for any hire arrangements
  • Book accommodation for the wedding night
  • Confirm ceremony details and rehearsal time with Celebrant/minister

2-4 weeks to go:

  • Get a haircut now rather than just before the wedding. If you have ‘mechanic’s hands’ consider having a manicure to remove stains and tidy nails for the wedding
  • Begin to write thankyou notes as gifts arrive
  • Research insurance policy and will changes needed for after the wedding
  • Arrange accommodation for your ‘last night of singleness’ if you won’t be at home
  • Final fitting of suits. Make sure you and the groomsmen have appropriate shoes and socks, too!
  • Confirm details with all wedding vendors – florist, photographer, venue, etc
  • Confirm details of honeymoon transport and accommodation
  • Write toasts, speeches, and final draft of vows

Final week:

  • Organise for full and final payments for delivery on or before the rehearsal. If there are vendors who will need to be paid ‘on the day’ arrange for your best man to handle payments, so that you’re not worrying about money during your wedding celebrations
  • Make arrangements for transporting gifts from the venue after the reception
  • Collect and prepare all wedding clothing and accessories
  • Make sure you have picked up the marriage licence and the rings
  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Attend the rehearsal
  • Make time to meet with out of town guests who may be arriving early
  • Make time to do some ‘non-wedding’ stuff with your bride

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