Scraps of great advice

I’ve just finished updating The Wedding Whisperer’s wedding planning and ceremony planning scrapbooks for The Corner Store.
Phew! What a task. But, WOW! what a lot of information they hold!

Working through the scrapbooks has reminded me just how much stuff I hold in my head – the various ideas and bits of experience I’ve picked up over the past dozen years [and hundreds of weddings] I’ve been involved in.

It’s been such a privilege to have been part of so many different weddings – I’m so grateful to the brides and grooms who have allowed me to learn from their mistakes and their successes, and I don’t take lightly the responsibility I feel to pass that knowledge and experience on to other couples. That’s one of the reasons why The Wedding Whisperer exists – and why the bridal advisory service will always be free and accessible for anyone planning a wedding.

But I’m also realising just how much specialised experience I have. I’ve assisted at beach weddings in howling gales and blue sky days, I’ve officiated at churches and motorbike rallies, I’ve coped with naked gate-crashers, rambunctious dogs, drunken bridesmaids, torn trousers, oil stained gowns – you name it, and I just bet I have an experience to draw on!

So I figure it’s time I start making that available too. The recent workshop series was just one of the ways we’re working to get that information out to brides and grooms to be. In addition to that, The Wedding Whisperer’s Corner Store also  more in-depth, personalised wedding planning services:

The Quiet Hour: For those times when you need a little extra professional help – a calm voice of experience to get you through the next challenge in your wedding plans. A Quiet Hour may be all that you need to stay on track, whether it’s help with cake tasting or ceremony content, writing your speech, wording your invitations, creating seating plans, brainstorming solutions with fresh, unbiased eyes – whatever it is that you’d like some help with.
By appointment only.   [$35 / hour]

The One Wedding Workshop: A one-on-one planning workshop customised for your wedding, and delivered in the location of your choice. Tailored to suit your requirements, for example: Compare venues with an expert at your side, or create a detailed timeline for your day. A One Wedding Workshop brings you expert advice for all aspects of your wedding planning.
By appointment only.  [$90 / up to three hours]
You’re always welcome to come into the store, curl up on the couch and browse the stacks of bridal magazines, albums and scrapbooks there, to bounce ideas and work on the next stage in your wedding plans. Pop in, call or email The Corner Store for really good free advice, information and inspiration.

I look forward to working with you on your wedding plans!

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