Stag Do’s [and Don’ts]

Judging by the content of most bridal mags, it’s easy to conclude that weddings are completely about the bride, with the groom only required to attend his stag do, and turn up at the church looking sharp in a suit on the day.

Now, that’s not strictly true. What is true is that the Stag Do is supposed to be one of the more enjoyable parts of the process of getting married. Well, that is, if it’s done right. So here are some suggestions to help you get it right:

This time, it’s all about the groom. Some guys will think it’s hilarious to be handcuffed to a traffic pole while dressed in a pink tutu. Some guys will find that totally humiliating. Some guys are incredibly uncomfortable with even the idea of a stripper. Some will be disappointed if you only have one. Make sure you know which kind of guy your groom is, and make your plans with HIM in mind.

It comes to this: No matter how clever your plan is, if it will make your groom feel like crap, or cause trouble between him and his bride, then it’s got to come off the menu.

The Stag Do is part of the run up to the wedding day. So please, please, do not do anything that will show in his photos. I’m not kidding. They’re not paying thousands of dollars to their photographer for photos of the groom sans eyebrows, or missing half of his hair. [And as for the rest of his body hair? He has a honeymoon booked. Chemical burns from hair remover carelessly applied are a nasty, nasty thing. Trust me. The bride will never forgive you. Just… don’t go there!]

It’s a once in a life time event, so plan it well. Don’t just fall back on the old ‘night out with the lads’ routine. Here’s your chance to try something totally different – maybe even going to a different town or city for a change. Some options may seem to have fairly high price tags – but splitting the cost between the group may help – Don’t expect the groom to pay for everything! Make sure all the guests have a clear idea of how much it’s going to cost before they commit to being there. Remember that a Stag Do doesn’t have to be an evening out, or even a  ‘party’. You could plan a hunting or fishing trip, go skydiving, learn how to ride stunt bikes, or racecars, play serious poker, or go paintballing… anything is possible!

“Host responsibility” is really important. Decide who your designated driver/s will be, or pre-book taxis or even a bus so that everyone gets home safely. If there’s going to be alcohol, then there must also be substantial amounts of food, whether that’s a formal meal, or a pie and chips on the way.

Timing is everything. It’s never a good idea to have the Stag Do the night before the wedding, even if that’s the only time the out-of-town guests can be there. A wedding is stressful enough without adding a hangover. Obviously,   you should check with the groom and choose a weekend that works for him.

It’s essential to remember that it’s not your night, and the groom should have the final say in matters, from where and when it takes place, to who he wants [or does not want] to be invited. After all, it’s his night!

There. That’s 50% of the groom’s responsibilities taken care of <grin>

And if I mention that Hallensteins now offers a totally laid back suit hire option – hey, this wedding stuff isn’t so hard after all!


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