To video, or not to video, that is the question…

Maybe it’s because I sniffled and squeaked my way through my own wedding, and can’t bear to watch the video of it even now. Maybe it’s because I just haven’t found a local company doing any better than old Uncle Joe with his handy-cam. For whatever reason, up until this very moment, if you asked me whether I think it’s worth the money to get professional videographers to film your wedding, I’d have probably said no.

These are the 90 seconds that changed my mind:

Iosua and Rodica’s Clip.
One camera.
One cinematographer.
Music recorded from their actual ceremony.

I don’t know this couple, but their 90 second movie – well, it moved me, in a way that static wedding photos, no matter how skillfully done, could have. I think that there is something about the way video captures not only the image but moments around the image…tears running down your dads face as he walks you down the aisle, what the page-boy did mid-ceremony that made everyone laugh hysterically, the catch in your voice as you said your vows [or, in my case, hiccupped them]  …your wedding is made up of moments that won’t be captured in a series of static  images.*

So now, the search is on. I want to find a local videographer – passionate amateur or established veteran of the lens, I don’t care, with the vision and the skill to capture the moments that make up the day, as opposed to a mere linear record of the events of your ceremony. And, if you think that might be you, or you know someone who is – PLEASE drop me a line or come and talk to me at The Corner Store!

*Edit to add: Okay, I take that back – I just found some of the still photos from the day, and, yes, they captured the moments too.


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