Thanking the Team

While it’s traditional to give thankyou gifts to the members of your bridal party, and sometimes to your parents, it’s worth taking some time to really personalise your thankyous – after all these people will have had a major role in the ups and downs of bringing your wedding dreams to life, as well as being staunch supporters throughout your lives. Rather than wasting money on generic traditional gifts, take some time to consider the tastes, interests, and lifestyle of the recipients, so that you can express your thanks in a way that is really meaningful to them.

Don’t break the budget over this! But, if you have to choose between favors for all the guests or personal gifts for a few VIP guests – well, I suspect I’ve already made my views clear on THAT topic… Anyway. Here are some ideas I’ve seen lately:

Pamper them – if your bridesmaids are girly girls, [or your groomsmen are metro sexual] why not look for some great skin care or pampering treats – perhaps a trip to a dayspa to unwind and relax after the wedding, a mani or pedicure [thanks for keeping me on my feet] These can be part of the pre-wedding prep, but it will probably be more appreciated as a followup treat.
Sniff out their favourites: A little detective work can find out which perfume or aftershave is their favourite, what is their favorite sweet treat or tipple.

Bling – the traditional gift for bridesmaids is, of course, jewellery to wear at the wedding. It doesn’t take much extra thought to choose coordinating, but individual pieces which will not only complement their bridal attire, but also be a treasured accessory in days to come. Think beyond the pearl necklace – what about a pounamu carving or other non-bling on a leather thong may appropriate – a cute bangle, or cheeky earrings, cufflinks or a pinky ring for the guys are lovely gifts for parents or grandparents.

Get practical – Top up their gym membership, get tickets to see a favourite band, take their car to be valet cleaned and serviced buy a subscription to their favourite magazine, or arrange for a basket of treats delivered after they arrive home. Give them kitchen or barbeque tools, a swiss army knife, luxury coffee beans – whatever suits their taste and preferences.

Tread carefully – you should know whether you can get away with a humorous gift, like as a rubber ducky, [sorry if I drove you quackers], or something totally hideous, with a gift exchange card,  or even something a bit  risqué, but if in doubt, err on the side of boring – the last thing you need is for your carefully dreamed up thankyou gift to come bundled with offence or confusion. Use your imagination, your intuition, and your knowledge of each person to create a gift that says “Thanks for everything YOU did to make our wedding day great”

Make sure to include a personal, handwritten note of thanks as well as your own spoken words of thanks. Gratitude doesn’t cost much, but it’s rare and very highly valued.


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