How Not To: …view the whole wedding through a camera lens

Something I’m noticing a lot of is how often wedding guests are spending the majority of the ceremony with their eyes [and presumably their attention] glued to the back of their digital camera. It’s as if they’ve forgotten that they’re the invited, honoured guests, who should be giving their undivided attention to the action, first hand, rather than in miniature. Once upon a time, the only way guests could get photos of the ceremony was to take their own, as many photographers would insist on exclusive rights to print the official photos. These days, most photographers release all the images they shoot as part of the wedding package, so copies can be printed for, or emailed to, anyone who wants one. But how are your guests to know that?

A short note in the invitations or the wedding bulletin may be sufficient, or simply ask the Celebrant to let guests know that all the professional photos will be available for the asking.  Try to  pitch it as with a gentle reminder that you really want your guests to enjoy and take part in the ceremony, and save their memory cards for later in the evening when the professional photographer won’t be there, rather than an imperious “no cameras please” edict.

If your guests know they can get copies of their favourite moments, they will be able to relax, and participate fully in the celebrations you’ve worked so hard to plan for them.


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