top 10 bizarre places to get married

[Hey, I don’t write this stuff, I just report it!]

Every week, a bride or groom to be will say to me “And we’re going to do something REALLY unusual for our wedding…” Luckily/unluckily [who can tell] it’s usually something non-traditional, but you’d be surprised how often the latest, greatest new idea is in fact just part of a current trend! There really is nothing new under the sun.

But for the really odd, check this link from Listverse: Their Top 10 List of Bizarre Places to get married.

For the record, I’ve done my share of weddings at a nudist colony, in some pretty remote locations, and under some extremely strange cirucmstances. I’ve never married clowns, though.

Oh well, there’ll be another wedding season right after this one <grin>


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