A Conversation With… Catherine Anderson, Bride & Dress Fitter

A conversation with Catherine Anderson, Beautiful Brides of Hope

When you’re trying on wedding gowns:
If you can possibly stand it, don’t wear makeup to your fittings. If it’s a great dress, it will look good with or without the help of makeup, and you won’t risk marking the dresses unnecessarily. Choose your colour carefully, not every girl suits white. Consider your options for ivory, cream or gold toned dresses, as they are softer on the skin tones.

Definitely do wear your best fitting bra – even if it’s black! Although it’s not the lingerie you’ll actually wear under your gown, good support is an important part of getting a good fit. If you’re getting your dress made or altered, ask your fitter for advice on the kind of wedding lingerie you should purchase, and then wear it to each fitting. Don’t buy your wedding lingerie or jewellery before you’ve chosen your dress, so that you can allow for different necklines, etc

When you put on a dress, check that it sits well on you. Does it make your good bits look great, and hide your bad bits? Different styles can make you look  taller or shorter, curvier or thinner. Make sure the dress you choose creates the silhouette you’re looking for. Any puckering, pulling, or bunching of the fabric probably means the fit is wrong.

It’s often possible to alter a bargain dress in the wrong size to fit you –  though not always. It’s not always possible to take in a gown without changing the shape or compromising the structure. A too-small dress may be resized by inserting a lace up back. Make sure you get a dressmaker’s opinion before committing to a gown that doesn’t quite fit.

Does your dress fit your style? If it makes you feel silly, or overshadowed, put it back on the rack. Think about your wedding venue, too. There’s not much logic in having a luscious train on a damp sandy beach, or an ultra-modern little number for a historic building. Do you feel like a bride in it? Does it make you feel beautiful? The right dress will do all that!

Keep an open mind – be willing to try on many different styles to find the one that is perfect for you. Often it’s a dress that looks nothing much on the hanger that will look stunning on you.

Once you have a possible dress, make sure you can move freely in it. Will it work for you sitting, dancing, kneeling, and getting in and out of cars?

Take your time choosing, and don’t let anyone pressure you. It’s far better to think about your options for a few days than to buy the wrong gown and regret the purchase.


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