A Conversation With… Maxine Cook, Wedding Co-ordinator

A conversation with Maxine Cook, from Great Event

People are often really surprised at how creative and beautiful a wedding can be, even on the tightest budget.  Small adjustments, lateral thinking and creative substitutions are amazingly effective in freeing up the finances to allow for certain aspects of a wedding that cannot be negotiated (like the cost of your venue) or should never be compromised (like your photography, for example).

It comes down to resourcefulness and being blessed with the creative vision to think outside the frame to make things work.  One of the most important parts of the planning process is sitting down, examining the dream, and getting as close to it as possible with the available resources.  Where there’s a shortfall, a brainstorming session around alternative ways to make it work is effective, empowering and inspiring.

When people start to plan a wedding, they generally start with two things – a dream, and a budget.  Finding the place where those things meet isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s not even possible.  If it turns out that your budget is not realistic for what you ideally want, you then need to look at what CAN be achieved.  I believe that something truly special, unique, memorable and gorgeous can always be created. So, what I say to any bride in that situation is …

“Don’t worry, it WILL be perfect!”

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding, whether it’s a big lavish affair or a smaller, more intimate gathering.  Ceremonies, venues, catering and seating plans, entertainment, flowers, transport, attire, photography, hair and make up, jewellery, colour and theme, family politics, and a thousand other little details must all be carefully considered, managed and coordinated, for a truly great event.

Specialist knowledge is the best tool, knowing and using the best service providers to make a wedding run like clockwork.  You also need resourcefulness and stamina to co-ordinate everything and keep the stress out of it.

That’s where a wedding planner can really help, to act as a solution-focussed sounding board, objective adviser and service co-ordinator, to make sure your wedding is seamless, stress-free and perfect from start to finish.

It’s your big day!  If you’re using a wedding co-ordinator, ask any and every question, and make your wishes clear.  Be sure that everything that’s important to you is heard, respected, appreciated and incorporated into the plans for the biggest day of your life.  That way, it should also be the BEST day of your life!


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