A Conversation With… Sandra Johnson, Boutique Photography

A conversation with Sandra Johnson, Boutique Photography

“These are the things I will tell my own daughters about choosing a wedding photographer…

  • Always meet the potential photographer(s) in person.    Make sure that the person you’re dealing with is the same person who will be the photographer on your special day (and not a ‘sales rep’ who’ll hand on your wedding to another person). Make sure you share a rapport, as you’ll be spending a lot of time together on a potentially stressful day.
  • Take your time and ask all of your questions.  Make sure your photographer clearly understands the style of photography you prefer.  Clearly communicate any special requests and requirements – put these in writing if necessary.
  • Ask to see complete sets of images from several very recent weddings. Is the quality consistently high? You will want more than one or two great images from your wedding day!  Make sure that they are images taken by the same person who’ll be working for you.
  • Try to imagine the images in isolation and unmounted.  Albums, frames and mounts can make mediocre images seem better than they truly are. Great images stand on their own.
  • Does their work include formal, candid and informal photography?   Will they include black and white images?  What other special effects might they be able to use to enhance your images?  Ask to see samples.
  • Will the work stand the test of time? How will it date in the years to come?
  • Will the photographer be yours and yours alone for the entire day?  Will they also attend the rehearsal?
  • What preparations will the photographer carry out with you in the months, weeks and days before your wedding?
  • Seemingly inexpensive photography packages often expand, so make sure you find out what is the total cost once you have paid for everything. Ensure that you have in writing, exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.   How many prints – what size?  A photobook – what size and quality, and how many pages?  Prints on Canvas?  Other?
  • Will you have access to the ‘negatives’?  Will these be supplied on disc in HIGH resolution?  and will you have authority to reproduce these, or will you only be able to reprint using their services?
  • The most important question to ask yourself is: Will my wedding day be special to this photographer  (or is it just another job) ?

Once you have chosen your photographer, work through your ideas together, take your time, and most of all, remember, this is your day.”


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