A little sweetness: Bomboniere and Wedding Favors

Mmm-mmn! I have  just eaten the most delicious chocolate of my life!

Nicola  from Simply Chocolate brought a few sample pieces into The Corner Store. In spite of my best intentions, they were impossible to resist, and all my good intentions of sharing the chocolate love melted away in a few sticky mouthfuls. I’m not, by any means, a chocolate snob, but these chocolates were truly in a class of their own! Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to bite into the haz-mat orange sludge that passes for mandarin in most chocolate brands, then you absolutely have to get your hands on some of these beauties. Chocolate dipped lemon curd doesn’t even touch the edges of it!

Really good chocolate is perfect for wedding table favors [or, to be fancy, bomboniere]

The word bomboniere means ‘a little sweetness’ and is a tradition that began in late 16th Century France, quickly becoming popular in Italy, Greece and Southern Europe. Sugared almonds are the most traditional form of bomboniere given to guests by brides and grooms. They are commonly given in sets of 5, representing a wish for happiness, health, wealth, fertility and long life. Gifts also range from chocolates, candies, even bottles of wine with personalised labels.
Personally, I think bomboniere generally falls into the category of ‘needless expense’, but don’t mind me <grin> If you want to give your guests something special, here are a few alternative ideas that won’t cost the earth, but will have lasting impact:

Rather than giving every guest an identical token gift, why not personalise gifts for your bridal party, and a few close family and friends [ perhaps as they are leaving, hand them a ‘morning after kit’ containing  aspirin, antacid, toothbrush and paste, deodorant [clean undies?], facial wipes, hairbrush… …and a name badge, in case they forget who they are <grin>

You could simply  place “refresher baskets” in the bathrooms, with small packages of breath mints, aspirin, combs, hand lotion, tissues, safety pins, wet wipes, hairspray, etc.

It’s always nice to have something special for the kids – to a child, a wedding is mostly long stretches of tedium interspersed with moments of crushing boredom. Kids packs could include bubbles, stickers, colouring book & crayons, small puzzles or a mini game, something to snack on, and maybe even a disposable camera.

Seriously though, just because guests have been trained to anticipate a favor, you really don’t HAVE to have them at all. When you add up all the tiny costs, perhaps it would be better to spend that money on a delivery of flowers or fresh fruit the day after the wedding, to really thank friends or family who helped behind the scenes to make sure your wedding day ran smoothly. You could arrange gift vouchers for a facial or massage as a meaningful thankyou for your bridal party and/or new in-laws. Tracy at Corporate Boxes creates a truly stunning range of gift boxes, with keepsake items and luscious little snacks that are always welcome!

Your little sweetness will be the sweeter for just a little extra thought !


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