Confessions of a confetti lover

To throw or not to throw?  That is the question….You’d think by now, having attended many hundreds of weddings, that the confetti buzz would have worn off for me by now. But it absolutely has not!

I don’t know why tossing handfuls of coloured paper in the air fills me with such glee – it just does. And I’m genuinely sad that so many venues are banning the use of confetti – especially as there are so many environmentally responsible options available.

The best and most exciting new option is confetti made from rice paper – which means it’s totally water-soluble [and edible, even!]. Unlike the metallic shapes that pass for confetti these days, it’s designed for great amounts of flutter when tossed, and comes in pastel colours that simply fade into the environment after a few days.  I’m hoping to start a bit of a confetti revival, and will be speaking persuasively to local venues, in the hope that some of them might drop their ban.

The Corner Store also has a fantastic range of confetti cannons. You can pre-load a confetti cannon with streamers, metallic or tissue confetti shapes, and even flower petals. They create a massive confetti effect, shooting a cloud of confetti over the crowd, with dramatic fluttering as it falls from a greater height than you could usually toss confetti to.

What we now know as confetti started out as rice or grains of wheat, scattered over the bride and groom as a symbol of fertility and prosperity for people whose livelihoods depended on fertile fields and strong children.

Unfortunately, traditional rice, grains or even bird seed mixes are not really ideal as a confetti substitute, not least of all because those tiny grains really sting if they hit bare flesh! Between the biologists who state that birds will choke on a surfeit of hard-to-digest raw rice, and gardeners complaining of wheat [or even birdseed]  growing in the cracks of the paths, it’s just not  really a practical alternative.

With this in mind, The Corner Store has also sourced some “Eco-fetti” – an edible, non growing, natural, neutral coloured option made of puffed millet and rice flakes,which you can blend with dried flowers to match your wedding colour theme. These softer, lighter grains create a pretty, bird-friendly, and environmentally kind option.

Of course, then you still have to deal with the fact that any food left lying around will attract rats.

You just can’t please some people.

Dried flowers alone are another very good option – in particular, lavender florets, rose petals etc, make a very sweet and beautiful confetti alternative. Fresh petals create a confetti full of colour, fragrance and flutter, but beware – fresh, coloured petals will stain carpets and clothing if crushed.

Bubble mixture is a cost-effective option – generally cheaper than packets of confetti, and give a longer lasting visual display than a few handfuls of confetti. The Corner Store stocks a variety of bubble containers, from the standard tiny white bottle, through to elegant champagne glasses. Bubbles are fun and beautiful, but again, no matter how much they claim to be non-staining, a spilled container of bubble solution will leave marks on clothing, furniture, and paths.

Which brings me back to rice paper confetti again – No mess, no fuss, and lots of fun.

Call in to The Store and check it out for yourself!




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