Rocky Horror One-Night-Stand

Sometimes truth really is funnier than fiction: A friend told me that, earlier this week, during the break at band rehearsal, a woman had gone up to her Dad to inform him that she hated that show she went to see at his theater on Saturday night.

Apparently she left shortly after the show began because the audience was too loud, the costumes were offensive and she couldn’t even hear the words the actors were saying.

Oh, what was the show? The Rocky Horror Show.

Way to miss the point! I’m finding it hard to imagine that there’s many adults who wouldn’t EXPECT offensive costumes and a loud audience at a RHPS

By happy happenstance, the November-December programme for The Playhouse just dropped into my inbox, and among many other gems, I note the offer of a one night stand with Frankie, Riff Raff, Magenta & Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday 26th November!

I’m trying hard to picture Rob in fishnets & a corset – but it sounds like it should be an outrageous night of fun and games!

And, if that’s really not your scene, there’s still plenty on offer – from the Mojo Funk Orchestra, through to Elvis and back again, with a detour into the 2009 Young Talent Finals, all the way through to a Naughty Little Christmas Show and New Year’s Eve!

I’m continually amazed at the variety, quality, and breadth of the programmes Rob and Susanna keep bringing together – The Playhouse might be out in the sticks, but it performs like it’s in the City Centre!




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