Bad Hair Days and Pre-Wedding Jitters

at the salonUgh! It’s bad enough having a bad hair day any normal day of the week, let alone on your wedding day! Even if you have the top hairdresser in the world on your team, it’s frighteningly easy to turn salon beautiful hair into limp and greasy looking tangles if you haven’t thought beyond the moment you step out of the salon!

Getting your hair professionally styled is another one of those things that we ‘just do’ without really thinking about, and like all tradtitions, it’s worth re-examining the idea to see if it still fits.

It can be difficult to find a salon willing to take on a bridal party – and often you’ll need to work around their staffing schedules, which may mean having your hair styled 5 or 6 hours before the wedding. That’s fine if you’re planning on being queen for the day and doing nothing but get ready all morning – but if you were hoping to squeeze in a massage, or a lazy sleep-in, or last minute shower… you’ll be out of luck.

Of course, if you’re planning a beach wedding, or will be arriving by convertible or open carriage, you should make sure your hairdresser knows about it. Rain or wind will wreak havock with fine or curly hair, so plan your style to beat the elements. Volume created by styling and product alone won’t last long. There’s little point spending hours and money on a sleek hairstyle that will be totally windswept by the time you arrive at the altar!

It’s a great idea to have at least one practice up-do, even if only to see how your chosen style lasts out the day – if it gives you a headache, or you’re endlessly replacing pins or re-tying bits, you might need to re-think your style. Even something as simple as those few elegant tendrils framing your up-do need a practice run, if that’s not your normal style [kind of like breaking in your wedding shoes] so that you’re not constantly touching them, tucking them behind your ear, and generally making them look limp and ratty on your wedding day.

The goal is to create a look that will still be fantastic right up until bedtime.

And there’s another thing… bear in mind that a totally immoveable hair-do isn’t nice to touch, and almost guarantees wild bed hair! You may need an ‘exit strategy’ for your laquered-and-pinned-into-submission hairstyle once you reach the honeymoon suite!

I’m not really helping, am I? Sorry.

Here’s a couple of helful things then:

I really recommend Erika from AnywHAIR mobile hairdressing for wedding hairstyling – she’ll come to your home at a time that suits your schedule.

And, for fun or for serious, play with the virtual hair styler – if you register, you can upload your own photo and try all kinds of styles on for size without going near hot rollers, dyepots or scissors!

Finally, [and just because I can] you might not know that I ‘bared all’ in the Shave for a Cure earlier this year. It’s really true – the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 6 weeks months

In the end, it’s great if you can understand that your hairstyle helps to create your image – glam or casual, formal or relaxed, and plan your hairstyle to complement your overall style – not hiding any accessories or detailing on your gown. If it’s all going to custard, remember that your hair is really just ‘another accessory’ –  And, that the bride ALWAYS looks beautiful, especially if she’s smiling, and having a good time!


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