Archive: Nelson Evening Mail 22 July 2009

PRESS RELEASE – NEW SERVICE Providing the Perfect Match

Nelson Evening Mail  22 July 2009

It seems even romance can’t escape a recession.

Nelson marriage celebrant Angel Pearson said the wedding scene was quieter than usual this year “I think everybody is waiting to see if they can afford to get married or not” but she’s taking a plunge of her own.

Mrs Pearson is opening the Wedding Whisperer’s store in the former Keystone Piano premises on the corner of Waimea Rd and Rutherford St.

She said the initiative was prompted by the premises becoming available and people increasingly drawing on her 10 years experience as a wedding celebrant to get advice on how to stage their perfect day.

The store retails those all- important necessities such as eco-confetti or even wedding toilet paper at $7.50 a roll, but it will primarily be a place where people can get ideas.

“I’m determined to find and promote a broad spectrum of passionate, dedicated, expert product and service providers, and match them with couples who are looking for exactly what they can provide,” she said.

The service was free for couples to use and a “cost-effective” way for “anybody with anything to do with weddings” to promote themselves.

“It’s frustrating how many couples settle for the status quo simply because they are unaware of the range of options available to them.”

Mrs Pearson said brides were “working really hard to reinterpret traditions, honouring the lines between what’s important to the family and what’s important to them.

“They’re putting a new spin on it and making it their own. You’ve still got the dad walking the bride up the aisle but it’s just as likely to be the best friend or the dog.”

Mrs Pearson was the celebrant at a wedding where the canine ring bearer lost the rings. They were found after a few hours scrambling through the grass. Guests were amused at a wedding she was conducting at Mapua, when two nudists walked by. The bride and groom remained oblivious.

Mrs Pearson was doing 30 to 40 weddings a year but said that was a bit too much like a production line for her. She intends continuing her work as a celebrant.

“I’ll need to because this isn’t going to make me a lot of money.”

Although people can already visit the store, it won’t officially open until August 3, the week of Mrs Pearson’s grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary.

Her nan’s dress forms part of her opening window display.


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